6 Purrfect Reasons To Play With Your Cat Daily

Is your feline friend playful? Kitties are always cute, but they are never more adorable than when they’re hard at play. As it turns out, playing with Fluffy is a great way to keep her happy and healthy. A Murrieta, CA vet lists some reasons to go get that laser pointer in this article.


Kitties are very active and playful when they’re young, but they tend to slow down as they age, and turn their attention more to catching Z’s than catching mice. Chasing after that wand toy or trying to catch that little red dot is a great way for your furball to stay active and in shape. Even a few minutes of playtime can help Fluffy burn off some extra calories, keeping her fit and strong.


Cats get very attached to their humans, but you have to nurture that bond. Playtime is a wonderful chance for you to do that. Fluffy will know that you did something just to make her happy. That will definitely score you some purrs! Play sessions can also be helpful in getting kitties to become friends with each other. If you’re incorporating a new furball into your home, have some dual play sessions.

Mental Stimulation

We know, Fluffy seems to really enjoy doing as little as possible. However, she can’t spend all of her time meditating. Playing gives your kitty a way to break up her day, keeping her from getting bored.

Bust Kitty Boredom

Did you know that older cats can suffer from cognitive decay, just as people can? One way to keep your furry friend’s mind healthy as she ages is to play with her regularly. Think of this as a kitty version of doing a puzzle or playing a game. This is great for aging furballs!

Ease Fluffy’s Angst

Our feline pals are very emotional, and some are also quite nervous and uneasy. Playing offers Fluffy a safe way to work off any anxiety or frustration she feels. It’s also good for her to learn to take her frustrations out on her toys, rather than on you.

It’s Cute

Last but not least, playing with your furry buddy is also bound to lift your spirits. Fluffy is absolutely adorable when she’s feeling silly!

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