Thanksgiving Dog Safety

Thanksgiving is coming up fast! The autumn holiday can be dangerous for our canine pals, as it offers lots of opportunity for pups to get into, well, everything. Read on as a Murrieta, CA vet offers some advice on keeping your furry bff safe during Thanksgiving.

Be Careful With Food

Your furry buddy will definitely take notice of that delicious turkey. Go ahead and make him a plate! Some plain, cooked meat, fish, or turkey is fine, though you will need to remove the skin, bones, and fat. Just be careful not to offer Fido anything that isn’t safe for him. Some things on that no-no list include garlic and onions; chocolate; grapes and raisins; alcohol; avocados; xylitol; meat on the bone; and raw dough or yeast. Ask your vet for more information.

Tire The Pup Out

Our canine buddies are always calmer—and therefore less interested in doggy antics—when they are tired. Before your guests arrive, walk and play with Fido, and help him burn off that extra energy. Tired dogs are good dogs!

Decorate Carefully

Keep your four-legged pal in mind as you decorate. Anything with small parts or sharp edges is a potential hazard. Candles and wax burners should be in high spots, where your pooch can’t knock them over or trip over wires. Other potential doggy hazards include plastic bags and ties; medicine; wires and cords; and toxic plants. If your fuzzy friend is still in the chewing stage, you’ll also want to keep shoes, purses, and other personal items in safe spots. Ask your vet for petproofing advice.

Secure Leftovers

As soon as everyone has finished eating, pick up the plates and toss out uneaten portions. You’ll need to use a garbage can that closes securely. Fido doesn’t have any qualms about digging through the garbage to find leftovers! That’s bad petiquette, but it can also be dangerous, as the trash could contain things like bones, tin foil, can lids, fat trimmings, and all sorts of other things that aren’t safe.

Take A Walk

It’s always nice to go for a walk on Thanksgiving, and just appreciate how quiet everything is. After dinner, take Fido for a stroll. That’s a pretty ‘pawesome’ way to get through that food coma!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, your Murrieta, CA animal clinic. Please contact us for all your dog’s veterinary care needs.

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