Gear for Walking Fido

February 20th is a pretty popular day among our canine pals: it’s Walk Your Dog Day! Those daily strolls are very important, and not just for sanitary reasons. They keep Fido active, and offer him stimulation and enrichment. A Murrieta, CA vet lists some things to consider when picking out gear below.


Make sure that you have boots or shoes with good tread. You don’t want to slip and fall if your four-legged friend pulls on the leash!


Speaking of leashes, you’ll need a few different ones. Fido should have one retractable one that you can take to parks and other open spaces. He’ll also need a few regular leashes. Make sure your pup’s leashes are of a sturdy material, like nylon. If you get leather ones, replace them when they get worn, as the leather will eventually wear down to a point where it can rip easily.


Some dogs should wear harnesses, rather than collars. If your furry pal is a small breed, has mobility issues, or is a brachycephalic pup, such as a pug, you’ll need to use a harness, rather than a collar. Make sure that it fits comfortably, and isn’t too tight or restricting.


If your canine buddy has thin fur, he may get cold easily when temperatures drop. Fido may need a jacket or sweater to keep him warm. Ideally, you’ll want to get your cute pet a few different pieces. You’d want a raincoat for soggy days, a light jacket for chilly weather, and a warmer sweater for colder days or visiting cold areas.

Your Wardrobe

You may want to get a specific bag or jacket for walking your furry friend. Keep things like treats, waste baggies, spare keys, ear buds, a flashlight, and a phone charger in the pockets. That way, you don’t have to run around gathering a bunch of different things.


One small piece of gear that can make things easier for you is the carabiner. Clip one onto the end of your furry buddy’s leash. If you want to stop to talk to someone, or take a phone call, you can loop Fido’s leash to a tree or fence. Just don’t leave your canine companion unattended, even for a moment.

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