Taking Great Holiday Pet Photos

The holidays are officially upon us! We always love seeing seasonal photos of our patients. Pets are always cute, but many of them manage to look extra adorable when they are enjoying a new toy or treat from their stocking. Of course, snapping that perfect photo of your animal companion is sometimes easier said than done. Read on for some great tips from a Murrieta, CA vet on taking holiday pet pictures.

Eye Level

Try getting down on your knees, or even laying down on the floor. You may find shooting pics from your dog or cat’s eye level can get you a great shot. (It may also get you some nose boops.)


Many modern smartphones have amazing cameras, with all sorts of settings and features. Don’t be afraid to experiment! The macro setting is good for smaller pets, like kittens. A quick shutter speed, on the other hand, may be a better option for a dog with the zoomies. Blurring the background can also help, especially if your furry friend is posing in front of a tree.


Have some fun with props and even costumes. Get a photo of Fluffy looking smug in a seasonal gift bag. Or, try putting antlers or a Santa hat on your canine buddy. Just stick with products made just for pets, simply because they are designed with their comfort and safety in mind.


When taking pictures of your fuzzy buddy, choose an area where the background contrasts with their fur. A white dog won’t stand out very much against a snowman!


Does your dog or cat have a habit of looking adorable, only to turn away when you get the camera? Apps made just for taking pet photos may help with this. Some have noises that help you get your furry pal’s attention.


Once you’ve snapped some shots, experiment with editing apps and effects. With the right changes, even a mundane photo can end up looking great. Cropping alone can make a big difference. You can also play with different filters and effects. Fido may look cute as a sketch or watercolor, while Fluffy may be extra adorable in black and white.

All of us here at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, your Murrieta, CA animal clinic, want to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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