5 Purrfect Reasons To Be Thankful For Cats

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may soon be seeing a lot of reminders and essays about gratitude. Even–and perhaps especially–in rough years, it’s important to remember to be grateful for the good things in life. Kitties have definitely clawed their way up to the top of that list! Here, a local Murrieta, CA vet lists some reasons to be thankful for Fluffy. 

They’re Clean

We love Fido, but he does require a lot of grooming and picking up after. Cats, on the other hand, are very clean. You won’t have to bathe your furry buddy, though you can if you want to, as long as your vet doesn’t object.  Fluffy will take time out of her busy daily napping schedule to carefully clean her pretty coat. Plus, she’ll discreetly use a litterbox to do her business, so you’ll never have to rush home to walk her. 

Cuddles And Purrs

Our feline pals have a bit of a reputation for being cold and aloof. Actually, for many of them, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some kitties are just little cuddlebugs, that want to be snuggled all day, every day. Fluffy sometimes starts her little motor as soon as you pet her! 

Comedic Relief

Cats are quite quirky little furballs. It’s always fun watching a frisky feline chasing after that little red dot, or pouncing on her favorite fuzzy toy. Fluffy’s adorable meows, playful antics, and silly mannerisms also keep her humans amused. We would definitely count our feline friends’ ability to keep us smiling as something to be grateful for!

Mousing Skills

We know, this one may not rank as high on the list for modern pet owners as it would have in the past. However, it was our feline friends’ hunting prowess that led us to domesticate them in the first place. (Note: some scientists suspect that Fluffy actually meowpulated us into giving her food, treats, and ear scritches, but that’s beside the point.) Many kitties do still help keep their humans’ homes and farms mouse-free!

Sleep Aids

Do you have trouble sleeping? Fluffy may be able to lend a helping paw with that. Kitties purr at frequencies that are naturally healing and soothing. Purring cats make great napping buddies! 

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, your Murrieta, CA animal hospital. Please contact us anytime.

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