Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

It’s Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week! This is definitely a worthy cause, and one that needs lots of attention. Sadly, many less-than-perfect pets get passed over for adoption, through no fault of their own. One reason for this is simply because so many people go for puppies and kittens. This is understandable, of course: not only are baby animals adorable, many folks also prefer to ‘parent’ their pets from the start. However, that senior dog or blind cat may very well be the best pet you’ve ever had! A local Murrieta, CA vet lists some great benefits of adopting a less adoptable pet in this article.

Kindness Matters

The pets no one else wanted are just as fun and loving as any other animal. And, just like any other pet, these guys really just want someone to love them and give them treats and cuddles. Unfortunately, they have very slim chances of adoption. Giving one of them a great forever home is a small act of kindness, but one that can have a powerful and lasting impact on your life. This can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience!

Help Other Animals

When you adopt a less adoptable pet, you’re also helping other homeless dogs and cats. You’ll be freeing up space at the shelter and helping them stay financially solvent, so they can care for other pets.

Simple Care

Many people shy away from imperfect pets out of fear that they need a lot more care than other animals. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. You may just need to make a few adjustments, and be a bit more thorough with things like petproofing. Some shelters will even help with medical costs for these pets, just to increase the chances of them getting adopted. (This isn’t a given, of course, but it won’t hurt to ask.)

They’re Adorable

Less adoptable pets are often quite charming and lovable in their own way. You may be surprised at how quickly a senior dog can melt your heart, or how much a deaf kitty can make you laugh!

A Learning Experience

Do you have children? Adopting an unwanted pet can help teach your little ones about kindness and empathy. Pets can also soothe and comfort kids in troubled times.

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