Ginger Cat Awareness Day

Do you have a ginger cat? If so, put a little pawprint on your calendar for September 1st. It’s Ginger Cat Awareness Day! If Fluffy is orange, treat your tiny lion to a new toy or a yummy snack! A Murrieta, CA vet discusses these cute furballs below.


While ginger cats all fall into the same color family, they are definitely not all copycats. Ginger cats can actually sport one of four different coat patterns: ticked, striped, classic, and mackerel. They also can vary quite a bit in tone. Some ginger kitties are a pale orange, almost a cream color, while others are, well, pretty red. And in case you were wondering, yes, they can have freckles.


When it comes to famous ginger cats, one cute furball is definitely at the top of the hill: Morris, the famous pet food spokescat. (Actually, that spot should be divided into thirds, as Morris was played by three different felines, all of whom were rescued from shelters. Talk about a rags to riches story!) Other famous ginger kitties include Marmalade, half of the Cole and Marmalade duo; Heathcliff; and Puss In Boots, Shrek’s hilarious buddy. Then, of course, there’s Garfield, the chubby, lasagna-loving furball we can’t help but chuckle at. Last but not least, we have the rising Instagram star Waffles.

A Different Breed

Ginger coloring in cats isn’t ‘purrticularly’ associated with a specific breed. In fact, almost all of the official kitty breeds accept ginger cats, with a few exceptions. The Bombay cat, for instance, is always dark brown or black.

Boy Or Girl?

Did you know that there are more male ginger cats than females? This is due to the way the ginger coat genes work. That ‘Garfield’ gene is on the X chromosome, which is only carried by females. That means that girls need to inherit the genes from both parents, while males only need to get it from one. Male ginger cats sire ginger female kittens or tortoiseshell cats. A pair of gingers, however, will have an entire litter of orange furballs.


All of our feline pals are unique individuals, with their own characters. That said, boy gingers are often quite feisty and talkative, while female gingers are usually a bit mellower. We love them all!

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