Keeping Fido Hydrated

July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Dehydration is a huge concern for our four-legged friends at this time of year. Fido can quickly get hot and thirsty running and playing in summer! Read on for some tips from a Temecula, CA veterinarian on keeping your pooch properly hydrated.


First and foremost, make sure that your furry pal always has plenty of fresh water. If you have a yard for your pup to play in, he’ll need water bowls outside as well as inside. (Tip: put Fido’s dishes in plant urns to keep them off the ground and make them look nice.) Remember to clean and refill the bowls at least once a day.


Many pooches like drinking running water. Why not get Fido his own pet fountain? Some of these spray water into the air when dogs step on them. This is a fun way to keep your furry best friend hydrated. Plus, you get to watch your pet playing with his new ‘toy,’ which will of course be adorable. Your pup may also enjoy splashing around in (and drinking from) the spray from a hose. (Note: we recommend getting a filter for your hose.)


Many of our furry friends like sodium-free broth. This is also a good choice, because it contains electrolytes. Offer Fido a chilled bowl on a scorching afternoon.


Choose snacks that have a high moisture content. Pupsicles are a good option. To make these, you just put pieces of kibble, cut-up dog treats, or shredded meat in an ice cube tray, and pour water or sodium-free broth over them. You can also give your pooch doggy ice cream. Or, just make your own. There are plenty of great recipes online. Just stick to ingredients that are safe for dogs.


Some of our canine companions like chewing on ice. You don’t want to go overboard, but Fido can have a few ice cubes on sweltering days. Or, drop some into his water dish.

Doggy On The Go

Whenever you take your four-legged buddy off your property, bring plenty of water with you. You may want to get Fido some collapsible dishes, which are very easy to carry, or a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser.

Please contact us, your Temecula, CA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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