Cat World Domination Day

There’s a fairly ominous kitty holiday around the corner. June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! Are these cute, cuddly little furballs plotting to take everything over? What would happen if they did? A Murrieta, CA vet ponders some of the ‘pawsibilities’ below.

Deadly Force

Cats may look innocent, but let’s not forget that they are actually lethal predators. In fact, our feline pals kill billions of small animals each year. In the case of housecats, they aren’t even hunting to eat, but just for fun, or possibly to appease their human servants. (Fluffy apparently never got the memo that most of us don’t actually want dead mice on our doorsteps, but that’s another topic.)


As we all know, cats spend a lot of time sleeping. Is Fluffy actually using this time to formulate plots? History may have some answers. After all, kitties did manage to convince the ancient Egyptians to treat them as divine beings. In fact, back then, families would shave their eyebrows in mourning when their feline friends died!


If cats were plotting to dominate the world, there must be some evidence, right? Well, one really only has to look online for an answer to that question. Fluffy has somehow managed to take over a sizeable chunk of the internet! Kitties also have a suspicious way of sleeping on our computers, books, and magazines. This may be your furball’s way of trying to cover her tracks.

The Outcome

What if cats did manage to take over the world? Well, things probably wouldn’t be drastically different. After all, many furballs already have their humans wrapped around their paws. You may find kitty gardens and stocked fishponds in every yard. Fluffy may also demand more beds, endless catnip, and cat towers in every room.

Foiling The Plot

There is some good news here. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to convince your furry overlord to just forget her whole plan. Cats don’t generally obey rules, but they do respond quite well to bribery. Give Fluffy a can of tuna, a few new toys, and some catnip, and she’ll likely desist. If that doesn’t work, raise the stakes, and get her a comfy new bed or even a cat tower!

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