Cat Towers

Does your feline buddy have a cat tower? If not, you may want to get her one. Cat towers are beneficial to kitties in many ways. They offer Fluffy a high vantage point, from which she can supervise her kingdom and servants (that would be you) with that cute smug look cats do so well. They also offer her a nail care station, jungle gym, and napping spot. A local Murrieta, CA vet offers some tips on cat towers below.

Choosing A Tower

When choosing a tower, be sure to pick one that is sturdy. Fluffy may become wary of a wobbly tower! You’ll also want to keep your pet’s age and purrsonality in mind. A kitten may enjoy a fun activity center that incorporates lots of toys. An older feline may want something with lots of napping spots, with the lower levels close to the ground. If you have a scaredy-cat, get a tower with enclosed spaces. Finally, if you have more than one furball, pick something that can fit all of them at once. Otherwise, Fluffy and Mittens may fight over who gets to use it.


If you are trying to save money and/or just like doing things yourself, you can make your pet’s tower. To turn an old stepladder into a kitty tower, just add planks to the steps to widen them out. Then, wrap it all in carpet or sisal rope. If you’re a bit more courageous, you can build a tower from scratch using lumber, PVC pipe, or even real branches.


If possible, put Fluffy’s tower near a window with a good view. That way, your furry little voyeur can combine three of her favorite pastimes: napping, sunbathing, and watching small animals.


Has your furball stopped using her tower? First, give it a good cleaning. If vacuuming doesn’t work, try a handheld steamer. You can also recover it. Next, try moving the tower, or even just reposition it. Sometimes cats sort of forget about things that are in the background. Another option is to sprinkle some catnip on or near it, and give Fluffy toys or treats in that area. If all else fails, just tell your feline friend to stay off the tower. That should do it!

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