Squirrel Appreciation Day

There’s a pretty cute animal holiday around the corner. January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day! Of course, it’s illegal for people to have pet squirrels in many areas. However, our dogs and cats certainly do appreciate these little guys, in their own way. Here, a Murrieta, CA vet talks about Fluffy and Fido’s fascination with squirrels.

Dogs and Squirrels

Does your canine buddy sometimes lunge after squirrels? If so, he certainly isn’t alone. This habit can actually be quite problematic, especially in larger dogs, as they can haul their humans behind them. To break your furry pal of this bad habit, immediately change direction whenever he pulls on his leash. Training can get tiresome, but that’s actually why it works. Sooner or later, Fido will get tired of constantly going back and forth, and will get the hint.

Cats and Squirrels

Our feline friends are quite avid little hunters. As you may know, kitties usually focus on smaller animals, like squirrels. Many squirrels manage to evade cats, by climbing quickly, going to tall branches, or even hopping from tree to tree. That said, sometimes kitties do catch them. This is one reason that we recommend keeping cats indoors. As it turns out, our cute, cuddly pets are actually furry little serial killers. Hunting cats can really take a toll on natural wildlife populations! There are a few more interesting things to note about kitties and squirrels. Some cats get very excited when they spot small animals, such as squirrels, that they would hunt in the wild. Your furball may react by making strange clicking noises. No one is sure why cats make this sound, though we suspect it’s simply the noise Fluffy makes as she changes gears from pet to predator.

Protecting Wildlife

We know, not everyone is fond of squirrels. However, they do play an important role in our ecosystem. For one thing, they help spread seeds and spores, which is good for forests and other natural areas. They’re also a source of food for many animals. Plus, they’re often quite funny to watch! Fluffy and Fido also appreciate watching these little guys. Give your dog or cat a window seat with a good view, so they can observe their local squirrels … without hurting them.

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