Happy Mew Year’s Day for Cats

Did you know that tomorrow is a special day for our feline pals? It’s Mew Year’s Day, or New Year’s For Cats. A Murrieta, CA vet offers some tips on celebrating this kitty holiday below.

Fluffy’s Resolutions

If your kitty could make resolutions for the coming year, what goals do you think she would set? Your furry pal may try to beat her previous napping record, or perhaps try new sleeping spots or positions. If she was feeling extra nice, she may decide to stop running out in front of you or walking over your head as you are sleeping. Fluffy may also try to perfect her pounce, do better at catching moths, or finally catch that elusive red dot. Another possibility? Your pet may try to be more helpful, and thoughtfully assist you with tasks like changing sheets or wrapping gifts.

Resolutions For You

This is a great time to revisit your pet’s care regimen. What about setting some cat care goals for yourself? Could you be a bit better about scooping the litterbox? Or, maybe you sometimes forget to make veterinary appointments. Staying on top of your pet’s health care needs would be a great resolution! Kitty entertainment is another ‘pawsible’ option. Make it a habit to play with your feline friend every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Or, you could vow to get your little buddy a new toy every week. You could also upgrade her kitty food to a better brand, or make a habit of brushing your pet regularly.

Fluffy’s Resolutions For You

What do you think would happen if your feline overlord could choose your resolutions for you? If it were up to your cat, you’d probably be bringing home empty boxes, cans of tuna, and catnip every day. Kitty playtime would definitely happen daily. You might also spend a good chunk of 2020 basically being cat furniture. Fluffy may also expect you to pet, hold, and/or feed her on demand. If your furry pal were to go all-out, she’d probably insist that you install catwalks and catios for her, and put cat towers in every room.

All of us here at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, your Murrieta, CA animal hospital, want to wish you and your cat a wonderful new year. We look forward to offering your pet great veterinary care in 2020 and beyond.

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