Keeping Fluffy Out Of The Tree

The holidays are approaching fast! As it turns out, our feline buddies have a few traditions of their own … such as climbing Christmas trees. Here, a Murrieta, CA vet offers tips on keeping your kitty out of the tree.


Choosing the right spot for the tree is half the battle. Don’t put the tree near anything your cat can jump off, like a desk or couch. That’s just offering your furball an easy launching pad!


Try wrapping some tin foil around the tree trunk. Your kitty will hate the texture! You can also put it around the base of the tree. Add a thin tree skirt or some fabric to make it look more festive.


This one is more of an alarm. Hang bells on the lower branches of the tree. If Fluffy tries to attack or play with the tree, you’ll hear the bell and know to go get her.

Give Fluffy Her Own

One reason cats often try to climb trees is to get a better view. Why not get Fluffy a cat tower? Give your furry buddy her gift a little early! Put toys and catnip around it to make it more enticing.


When dealing with Fluffy’s bad habits, sometimes you have to resort to trickery. Get your feline pal some fun new toys, and take time to play with her every day. The point is to tire your furball out, so she’ll be more interested in napping than in making mischief.

Decorate With Fluffy In Mind

Keep your feisty pet in mind as you are decorating the tree. Put anything that is shiny and/or fragile on the top part of the tree. Decorate the lower branches sparingly, and with items that won’t break. It’s worth noting that tinsel can be very dangerous for cats, as they sometimes try to eat it. If you do use it, keep it on the upper branches.

Make It Sturdy

If your frisky feline is still insisting on climbing the tree, you might want to reinforce it. Use a bit of fishing line to secure the top of the tree to your wall or ceiling. It won’t show, but will add extra support that may keep the tree standing.

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