Care Tips for Senior Dogs

Smaller dogs are usually considered “seniors” by the age of about 10 or 12, while larger dogs obtain their senior citizenship around the age of 7. If your canine companion falls into these categories, it’s important to keep up with his care needs! Here, your Murrieta, CA veterinarian gives you five simple care tips for your senior dog.

Feed a Great Diet

There are few things that help maintain your senior dog’s good health better than a high-quality diet. Check with your veterinarian to make sure that Fido’s current food is up to par. If it’s not, you’ll want to switch to an age-appropriate diet that’s formulated specifically for your dog’s advancing age. Also, check with your vet about the proper portion size so that your dog doesn’t overeat.

Encourage Light Exercise

Have your dog exercise lightly on a daily basis; it’s important for burning off excess calories, keeping Fido’s limbs and joints in shape, and for keeping his mind engaged. Go for walks around the block, or have a short play session with a favorite toy. Exercise and play aren’t limited to the younger dogs!

Keep Up With Preventatives

Your older dog’s immune system isn’t as robust as it once was. That’s why it’s easy for a pest infestation or a dangerous disease to sideline your pet’s health. Keep up with preventative medications as your dog gets older—have him wear year-round preventatives to ward off ticks, fleas, and parasitic worms like heartworm and roundworm, and make sure he stays up-to-date with all necessary vaccinations. Talk to your veterinarian if your dog needs vaccines or pest-control products.

Maintain Dental Health

Did you know that dental issues are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians see in adult and older dogs? Since dental problems can quickly lead to trouble in other parts of the body, it’s important to maintain Fido’s oral health at home. Brush the teeth regularly using a canine-formulated toothpaste, and try giving your dog dental treats that promote good mouth health. Last but not least, schedule regular dental cleanings at the vet’s office.

See Your Vet

When your vet examines your aging dog on a regular basis, any health concerns can be caught early on, and treated accordingly. What better way to keep your senior dog around for many years to come?

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