Fun Facts About Fluffy’s Paws

Does your kitty sometimes catch your sleeve with her claw to politely request attention? It’s hard to request this adorable plea for cuddles! As it turns out, your feline buddy’s paws are not only super cute, they’re also quite interesting. A local Murrieta, CA vet discusses Fluffy’s furry feet in this article.


Your cat’s paw color will depend on the color of her coat. For instance, black kitties often have black paw pads, while white furballs have pink ones. If your furry little diva has a patterned or multi-colored coat, her toes may also be different colors.

Temperature Gauge

Kitty paw pads are very sensitive, and they let Fluffy monitor temperature. They also pick up vibrations from things like footsteps or hoofbeats. This is very helpful to our feline pals when they are hunting.

Lefty Or Righty

Just like people, cats either favor their right paws, or their left ones. About 50% of cats—including most girl kitties—are right pawed, while the remaining 40% are lefties. If you aren’t sure which paw your furball uses most, put a small object on your coffee table. Whichever foot Fluffy uses to smack it off is her dominant one.

No Sweat

Kitties can only sweat through their paw pads. In fact, their paws are one of the only ways they can regulate their temperature. This may be one reason our furry pals are so lazy: if they overheat, they have a hard time cooling down. Then again, maybe Fluffy is just really tired.

Shock Absorbers

As you may have noticed, cats are quite athletic. Fluffy can jump several times her height. She’s also an accomplished gymnast, and can perform some pretty impressive leaps and spins. Your feline buddy’s paws act as shock absorbers, absorbing the impact of those graceful landings. (They also help with the not-so-graceful ones.)

Teddy Bears

This one may take you by surprise. If you look at Fluffy’s paws upside down, you may notice that her paw pads—or ‘toe beans’ as some people call them—look quite a bit like a teddy bear. How cute is that?

Toe Massage

While every kitty is different, some furballs seem to enjoy gentle paw massages. Try it and see!

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