How to Puppyproof Your Home

Are you about to welcome a new puppy into your home? Congratulations! Little Fido is bound to become an integral part of your household and family. You’re in for many beautiful years of fun and friendship with your furry new friend! In order to get the little one started out on the right foot, however, you’ll need to take some steps to keep him safe in his new environment. Puppies are very curious, and have a way of trying to learn about things by well, eating them. This can be very dangerous for your canine pal! A Temecula, CA vet offers some puppyproofing tips in this article.


Wires and cords can be very dangerous for a curious little pup. Fido could seriously injure himself, or even start a fire, by chewing on a live wire. He could also get entangled in loose cords, such as drape cords. Secure all wires and cords.


Many common houseplants are toxic to our canine pals. Get rid of any plants that aren’t safe for dogs. You can visit the ASPCA website for a complete list of safe and unsafe plants.


Plastic bags pose extremely serious choking risks to your new furbaby. You’ll also want to be sure to cut the plastic rings that hold beverages together, as these are also very dangerous for your curious pet.

Small Items

Anything that is small enough for your pooch to fit in his mouth should be secured in a safe location. This includes jewelry, pens, shoes, purses, phones, and other personal items.


Household cleaning products; automotive chemicals; and pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers are all very toxic to pets. These things should all be stored in a safe, secure place little Fido can’t reach.


Make sure you know what foods are and are not toxic to dogs. Chocolate; avocados; hard candies; products containing xylitol; grapes, currants, and raisins; macadamia nuts; caffeine; and garlic and onions are a few dangerous ones. Ask your vet for a complete list of safe and unsafe foods.


Be sure to place any candles in high, secure spots that little Fido can’t get to. Pets and flames are not a good mix!

Is your puppy ready for shots, a microchip, an exam, or spay/neuter surgery? We can help! Call us, your Temecula, CA vet clinic, for all the little guy’s veterinary care needs.

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