5 Things You Will Always Forgive Your Cat For

If you have a cat, you probably already know that our feline friends can be quite mischievous. Fluffy is certainly very cute and lovable, but that doesn’t mean she’s a little angel. In fact, kitties can be quite discourteous at times! But chances are, you won’t be able to stay mad at your frisky pet, even when she does something naughty. A local Temecula, CA vet lists five things you will always forgive your cat for in this article.

Getting Fur On Your Clothes

That pretty fur is definitely a big part of your pet’s adorable appearance, but Fluffy’s coat definitely looks better on her than it does on you. Cats seem to have a knack for leaving fur on things that will show it the most. As a properly-trained cat servant, you’ll probably just grab a lint roller and sigh, and go on about your day.


When Fluffy swallows too much fur grooming herself, well, let’s just say the results aren’t pleasant. But you know it isn’t your kitty’s fault, and you can hardly get angry at her for not feeling well. To reduce the amount of furballs your cat produces, brush her regularly and offer her high-quality food. Hairball remedies can also help. Ask your vet for more information.

Stealing Your Chair

Kitties love nothing more than finding warm spots to get comfy in, so it’s no wonder that recently-vacated chairs are so tempting to these opportunistic furballs. Fluffy may give a cute little meow of protest when you move her to reclaim your spot, but chances are she’ll also end up getting a cuddle and an apology.

Clawing Your Leg

Sooner or later, every cat parent ends up with a few scratches. Fluffy might grab onto your leg to climb into your lap, or to keep herself from sliding off if you move. Your feline friend isn’t deliberately trying to hurt you: she probably just wants a cuddle. Love hurts!

Talking Back

Cats can be quite talkative little furballs. Some kitties even like to argue. If your cat always seems to have a reply, you might just have a furry little debater on your hands. Chances are, you’ll end up giggling at your feline pal’s arguments.

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