Help Your Cat to Reclaim Her Fit Feline Figure

Your tortoiseshell cat Lana has always been proud of her good looks. This feline diva grooms herself daily, and she insists on a new rhinestone collar every year. While your image-conscious cat’s figure has always been a show stopper, her belly has recently begun swinging as she sashays down the hall. You don’t want that extra poundage to raise her risks for weight-related medical problems. Tomorrow, your Temecula vet will examine your charming cat and assess her nutritional needs. He’ll also prescribe a weight management program that will help her regain her enviable physique.

Too Many Pudgy Felines

Overweight cats’ numbers are increasing nationwide. In fact, 40 to 50 percent of spoiled-rotten pet cats have packed on too many pounds, and some cats are actually obese. Very simply, they’ve eaten too many kibbles and treats for their meager exercise levels. These hapless felines (including Lana) are now susceptible to soft-tissue injuries and osteoarthritis. Your poor feline housemate might also experience overstressed muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Feeding Your Feline Carnivore

Carnivorous little Lana has an instinctive desire to hunt birds and mice. Since you won’t allow that, you’d naturally gravitate to a commercial cat food. However, most mass-manufactured blends lack the quality protein your cat requires. These foods often incorporate plant protein, which she doesn’t metabolize as efficiently as animal-derived proteins.

To make matters worse, your cat also lacks enzymes that help her process extra carbohydrates. Therefore, her body’s only option is to store those carbs as unnecessary fat. Her cat treats add insult to injury. They’re loaded with empty calories, carbs, and flavor enhancers.

Pre-Program Health Examination

Before unveiling Lana’s weight management program, your vet will give her a physical exam that includes a urinalysis and blood work. He wants to rule out metabolic and/or medical conditions that could impact your cat’s safe weight loss.

Balanced Weight Management Plan

Finally, your Temecula vet will present Lana’s weight management plan to his eager patient. He’ll probably include a tasty, nutritious food that promotes weight reduction. Most likely, he’ll also instruct you to feed your portly feline on a structured schedule.

If Lana receives regular exercise, she’ll be more likely to lose those extra pounds. Buy her some interesting cat toys, and add more daily playtime sessions. To help your cat drop her (or his) unwanted weight, call us for expert assistance.

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