Annoying Allergies Can Really Bother Your Dog

Your golden retriever Molly is a fun-loving pooch who loves romping in the dog park and playing with your family. Lately, though, your canine buddy spends much of her time scratching at itchy spots all over her body. She has also been frequently pawing at her ears and obsessively licking her feet. Molly’s immune system regards certain external substances, called allergens, as hazardous. When the system detects an incoming allergen attack, your dog’s body mobilizes to fight the invader. Unfortunately, your poor girl can suffer from skin, respiratory, and perhaps digestive symptoms. Good thing your vet Temecula can provide your canine companion with a prompt diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about canine allergy problems.

Common Canine Allergy Symptoms

Molly’s allergy symptoms can include very itchy ears and runny eyes; and she might sneeze pretty frequently. Your canine housemate might also exhibit moist, reddish-looking skin; and she’ll probably scratch like crazy. She might also suffer recurrent ear infections. While these maddening symptoms are bad enough, they can lead to secondary skin disorders that give Molly crusty skin and hair loss.

Frequently Encountered Allergens

Poor Molly can be attacked by many home-based allergens such as dust, house dust mites, mold spores, and animal dander. Let’s add perfume, cigarette smoke, and cleaning product odors to the list. Just outside, pollen can cause your poor pooch to suffer nasty allergy symptoms. If Molly has flea allergies, even one tiny bite can make her miserable for two to three weeks.

Watch for Food Allergies

Puppies, adult dogs, and senior pooches can all be hammered by food allergies. If Molly’s affected, she might suffer from unappetizing vomiting and diarrhea. Your canine companion might also exhibit extremely itchy skin. To determine the food allergy culprit, your vet will likely place Molly on an elimination diet. After you systematically banish specific foods from your girl’s diet, you’ll record any corresponding change in her symptoms.

Allergy-Prone Dog Breeds

Molly and her retriever cousins, along with setters and terriers, are especially bothered by allergies. Flat-faced dogs such as Boston terriers, bulldogs, and pugs also have a rough time. However, any dog can fall victim to unfortunate allergy ailments.

Once your vet Temecula analyzes Molly’s symptoms, he’ll determine what’s causing her allergy problems. Next, he’ll outline a treatment program that should give your suffering buddy some relief. If your dog might be experiencing allergy symptoms, call your vet for help today.

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