Holiday Food Habits That Can Harm Your Pet

Your Labrador retriever Murphy is a food hound, as he eats his regular meals and then scarfs everything possible from the counters. Of course, Murphy thinks the holiday season provides a perfect excuse to ramp up his scavenging behavior. He’s chomping at the bit to crash your social gatherings, full of tempting foods and beverages that he knows are forbidden. Before Murphy puts his plan into action, ask your veterinarian from Temecula how to prevent your ravenous pooch from getting himself into trouble. Learn more about food hazards that can cause problems for your canine bottomless pit.

Collect the Chocolate Candy

Murphy would love to sink his teeth into the chocolate candy on the coffee table. Unfortunately, chocolate can be toxic to Murphy and your cat Misty. Dark, Baker’s, and semi-sweet chocolate are especially dangerous, and can even be lethal in certain situations. Rather than relying on Murphy’s willpower, keep Murphy and the chocolate candy in completely different rooms.

Leave the Leftovers Alone

Your opportunistic pooch is a crafty beggar. First, Murphy chooses a victim; and then he solicits handouts under the table throughout your holiday meal. Murphy also loves leftovers, especially meat scraps and drippings that seem so much better than his regular food. Don’t give Murphy any of these foods; as they can cause an upset tummy, vomiting, and diarrhea. And let’s not even consider the bones, which can splinter in Murphy’s stomach and cause real problems.

Watch the Garbage Can Carefully

Murphy has figured out that some of the best food doesn’t get eaten, but rather gets scooped into the garbage can. And Murphy knows all about garbage, as you’ve seen your opportunistic dog rummage through the trash in search of his next tasty meal.

Murphy might also be interested in food wrappers or packages that smell or taste good. Foil wrappers with sharp edges, along with packaging that causes Murphy to choke, can cause severe intestinal problems for your curious dog.

Keep an Eye on the Alcohol

If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, remember that Murphy will happily gulp down any unattended drink that crosses his path. However, Murphy can become quite sick and weak from slurping up the alcoholic treats; and he can even progress into a coma and die from respiratory failure. To avoid this potentially tragic scenario, ask your guests to keep their drinks in hand. Designate a Murphy-proof spot where guests can leave drinks while they visit the buffet or powder room.

Now that you’ve learned about Murphy’s game plan, keep him safe by banishing him from your social gatherings. Murphy’s Temecula vet will be pleased that you kept your dog away from the holiday temptations.

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