What’s the Best Option for Feeding Your Cat?

Your newly adopted cat Roscoe is about to get a total physical tune-up. Later this week, Roscoe has a new patient appointment with his Temecula veterinarian, who will give your feline family member a thorough physical exam. Roscoe’s vet will also evaluate your cat’s nutritional needs, and he’ll likely replace Roscoe’s generic kibbles with a top-quality cat food. After all, you want Roscoe to get the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. You’ll also ask Roscoe’s vet to recommend the best method of feeding your hungry cat. Learn more about the two general feeding options below.

Cats Prefer “On Demand” Feeding

When cats were surveyed about their choice of feeding method, they overwhelmingly preferred the “on demand” feeding system. Using this method, you feed Roscoe his entire daily ration in the morning, and he’s free to nibble on his kibbles all day long. Since your work schedule can be crazy, choosing this method means you don’t have to worry about maintaining a feeding schedule. Also, your other cat Peaches needs her kibbles, too; and “on demand” food access means she can also chow down at her leisure. Good thing Peaches isn’t a feline bully who would snarf down both cats’ food at the same time.

If you choose “on demand” feeding, dry kibbles might be the better choice, since they won’t stink or spoil as easily as canned wet food. Of course, remember that “on demand” feeding can lead to weight gain if voracious Roscoe and Peaches don’t know when to stop eating.

Preplanned Feedings Also Have Advantages

Feeding Roscoe preplanned meals is better for his digestive system. If you choose this path, decide whether you’ll give Roscoe his entire day’s food at once, removing the uneaten kibbles after 10 to 20 minutes; or if you’ll give Roscoe several premeasured meals he can consume at his convenience. Of course, you’ll need to revise your schedule for these feeding methods to work.

Remember that Roscoe will need preplanned meals if you mix medications with his food. If Roscoe’s vet recommends a weight control or prescription diet, you must control the amount and frequency of your cat’s portions. If Roscoe has a medical condition that’s affected by his diet, feeding him preplanned meals means you can keep track of what he eats (and what he buries under the carpet).

Keep Roscoe’s long-term health in mind when you choose your feeding method. If Roscoe balks at the change in food and feeding schedule, ask your Temecula vet to help you refine your picky cat’s program.

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