My Cat’s Appetite Has Disappeared

Your tortoiseshell cat Missy has gone on a hunger strike. When you first adopted her, Missy was a very picky eater, refusing to eat many brands of quality cat food. Finally, you found something Missy likes, and she’s been happily chowing down on the same well-balanced kibbles for over a year. For the past couple of days, though, Missy has picked out a couple of bits from her food bowl, and left the rest sitting there for hours. Since something is out of kilter with Missy’s appetite, you’ve asked your Temecula veterinarian to get to the bottom of the problem.

Medical Condition

First, your vet wants to make sure Missy doesn’t have an underlying medical issue. Very simply, Missy might have a bad tooth that bothers her when she crunches her food. Missy could be suffering from an uncomfortable infection, an intestinal malfunction, or even kidney failure or another chronic condition.

Temporary Vaccination Side Effect

Even though Missy’s routine vaccinations help to protect her against dangerous diseases, she might experience some temporary side effects, including a loss of appetite. Good thing her appetite loss should resolve itself quickly, allowing Missy to enjoy her kibbles once again.

Travel-related Discomfort

Perhaps Missy has recently joined your family for a car trip, resting comfortably in her crate while the car traveled along. You rode over rough and smooth roads, navigated corners and turns, and stopped and started numerous times. After hours of unpredictable movement, Missy might have developed motion sickness, with all its distasteful symptoms. If that’s the case, Missy wanted nothing to do with food for awhile.

Social or Environmental Issues

Just like you, Missy can experience anxiety and stress from household upheaval and change. Maybe your family recently moved, and Missy had to adjust to different surroundings, with new locations for her food and water bowls. Perhaps you’ve adopted a new pet, and Missy’s uncertain if her place in the pecking order has changed. Maybe Missy has simply become tired of her food, and really has begun a hunger strike so you’ll see what’s wrong and look for something she likes better. If you had recently introduced some new kibbles, she might have had trouble adapting to her new diet.

Once your Temecula vet figures out why Missy’s not eating, he can develop a solution that returns your cat’s appetite to normal.

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