My Dog is Making Deposits in the House

Your Labrador retriever Toby loves to play hide-and-seek. You often hide Toby’s toys to keep him guessing, and he thinks it’s great fun to root around the house until he finds them. Lately, though, Toby’s hide-and-seek game has taken a distasteful new twist. He’s been hiding puddles and piles in remote corners of your house, which is odd for a dog who’s been housetrained since he was very young. Something is clearly wrong, so you’ve asked your Temecula veterinarian to figure out Toby’s problem and resolve it..quickly.

Medical Malady

First, your vet wants to rule out a medical cause for Toby’s house soiling behavior. Toby might have experienced a nasty intestinal parasite attack, or he might have reacted strangely to something he ate. Toby might have developed bladder stones or a bladder infection; or he might have an unhealthy kidney or even kidney failure. Toby could have even contracted a liver or adrenal gland disease; or perhaps he has become a victim of diabetes.

Detailed Diagnostic Work

First, your vet will thoroughly examine Toby’s body for clues. Your vet will also request a urinalysis and a complete blood profile; these results show whether Toby’s internal organs are working well. Your vet will also learn whether Toby has a urinary tract, blood, adrenal gland, or thyroid problem. Since Toby generates numerous fecal samples, your vet can determine if your dog has an intestinal parasite infestation. Depending on your vet’s suspicions, he might also request X-ray and/or ultrasound images. By analyzing these results, your vet can diagnose kidney or bladder stones, tumors, or varied internal organ ailments.

Behavioral Origins

If Toby seems healthy, your vet will shift his focus to Toby’s behavior. First, your vet will ask questions about Toby’s living habits. Your vet also wants to know if Toby has ever urinated submissively or when he’s really wound up; or whether he pees or poops when he’s afraid or anxious. If Toby frequently marks his territory, your vet wants that information, too. Finally, tell your vet if Toby’s regular routine has been disrupted, or if you’ve seen him show separation anxiety symptoms.

Tailored Treatment

After your vet learns why Toby’s making deposits in the house, he’ll treat an underlying medical condition first. Assuming Toby’s unwelcome antics result from a behavioral problem, your vet will likely recommend using medication and behavioral modification training together. Also, if Toby’s still an intact male, your vet will recommend neutering Toby right away. Unneutered male dogs make up a huge percentage of in-house marking incidents.

While Toby’s undergoing treatment, your Temecula vet will check on him often. If Toby’s taking medication, your vet will obtain regular blood work to make sure Toby’s meds are working correctly.

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