Your Cat’s Battle with Ear Problems

Your orange tabby Peaches has become completely obsessed with her ears. For the past couple of days, Peaches has spent most of her waking hours violently shaking her head and pawing at her ears. When Peaches takes a break from that behavior, she rolls on the floor, rubbing her ears like she has an uncontrollable itch. Poor Peaches probably does have an acute ear problem, and you’ve asked your Temecula veterinarian to diagnose it and provide your cat with some welcome relief.

Ear Flap Hematomas

Peaches can experience some unpleasant consequences from constantly shaking her head and digging at her ears. Because of this rough treatment, Peaches can develop a blood blister, or hematoma, in one or both ears. This means she has actually ruptured an ear blood vessel, and your vet needs to address this condition immediately.

Nasty Ear Infections

Cats frequently acquire ear infections from many sources. Perhaps Peaches’ ear canal somehow got a piece of debris caught inside. Or, a yeast or bacteria colony might have multiplied out of control inside one or both ears. Hormonal imbalances can also lead to ear infections. Finally, a hereditary condition might also be the culprit.

Parasitic Ear Mites

Ear mites are the bane of Peaches’ existence, and they can also affect your Labrador retriever Hunter. In fact, Hunter might have even transmitted the ear mites to Peaches without knowing it. An ear mite infestation is easy to identify, as Peaches’ ears will contain black/brown debris that resembles brewed coffee grounds. If Peaches does have ear mites, her itching and scratching can be almost unbearable.

Telltale Ear Problem Signs

Since you want to identify Peaches’ ear problems quickly, look for several signs of a developing condition. You might see a yellowish or black discharge; or perhaps a buildup of dark brownish-looking wax. Swelling or redness in Peaches’ ear flap or ear canal, and maybe some bleeding, are also symptoms of ear problems. To state it bluntly, Peaches’ ears might also really stink. Also, poor Peaches might wobble a bit, as ear problems can impact her balance. Ear problems can also affect Peaches’ hearing.

Once your Temecula vet diagnoses Peaches’ ear problem, he can provide treatment that will help her to feel better. After all, Peaches is a busy cat who would rather spend her time on more pleasant activities.

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