Dog Walking Etiquette 101

Dog walking may seem as easy as clipping on the leash and heading out the door, but there’s actually more involved in the process than that. Take heed of these dog walking etiquette tips from a Temecula vet.

Pick Up After Your Pet

Remember to always bring at least one plastic baggie to pick up after your dog. It’s not only rude to leave your dog’s waste in public areas, it’s often illegal! Also remember that dog feces can carry multiple parasites and diseases, so not picking up after your pooch is putting other pets, children, and even adults at risk. Whenever your dog eliminates on your walk, pick up after him and dispose of it properly!

Use a Leash

Don’t let your dog go off-leash on your walks—it’s simply not worth the risk. Even dogs that are extremely obedient and well-trained can be startled by loud noises or unexpected circumstances. Plus, certain areas or neighborhoods might even require dogs to stay on leashes by law! Choose a great leash for your dog and use it every time you head out on walks.

A Note on Other Walkers

Keep this in mind: not everyone is as much of a dog-lover as you are! Other walkers, joggers, or passerby may not necessarily want your dog to come up and give a big slobbery kiss. Other dogs may not like it, either, and the results could be dangerous for both animals. Keep your dog on the leash to prevent unwanted contact with passerby. Ask the person if they mind your pet saying hello before you let your dog greet them.

Teach Basic Commands

It’s a good idea for your dog to know and be able to respond to several basic commands before you head out on your walk. The usual “come” or “stay” should work well, as long as your dog is well-trained to respond to it. When he darts after a squirrel or starts to run up to a jogger, you’ll want to be able to get your dog back with a single word.

Ask your Temecula veterinarian how to get started on basic command training, as well as for more helpful suggestions on dog walking etiquette.

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