Exercising Your Dog Inside

Sometimes, you’d rather stay indoors to exercise your dog—perhaps it’s extremely hot out, or a storm is on the way. Use these fun suggestions from a Temecula veterinary professional to get your dog active while staying indoors.

Food Hunts

When mealtime comes around, try putting your dog’s food in various spots around the home. Lead your dog around on a hunt for his treasure. He’ll be getting great exercise running around to find food, and it’s great mental stimulation to seek out the hidden rewards!

Use the Stairs

Your home already likely has a natural dog-exercise machine. The staircase can work well to give your dog good and unique exercise. Stand at the top of the stairs with a toy or treat, then call your dog up. Reward him, then turn the scenario around. Running up and down an incline will engage different muscles in your dog’s legs and give your dog an excellent workout!


Take a few dog treats or some of his favorite toys and place them in various nooks and crannies around the house. Call your dog to each corner or lead him around, rewarding him when he finds the hidden treasure. You can even include other family members in on the game, calling your dog from various points in the house.

Classic Pet Games

Don’t forget about classic games like fetch and tug-of-war. If you have the space in a basement room or longer hallway, use these tried-and-true methods to keep your dog active.

Play Dates

Do you have a friend or relative with a dog? If both of your pets are friendly, try setting up a play date at one of your homes. Many dogs love interacting with other pets, and they’ll probably end up romping around together and getting some good exercise. It’s good socialization practice as well. Of course, make sure each pet is up-to-date on immunizations and is spayed or neutered.

If the weather prevents you from going outdoors, don’t let your pet’s exercise go by the wayside—ask your Temecula veterinarian for even more helpful indoor-exercise tips!

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