Living Comfortably with a Pet You’re Allergic To

Many people are despondent when they realize they’re allergic to their own beloved pet. Don’t think getting rid of your pet is the only option, though—try these tips from a Temecula to allow everyone to live in harmony.

Air Filters

Proper air filters can do wonders to reduce allergens in the air, including pet dander, effectively reducing your symptoms. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on air filters specifically designed to take care of pet dander.

Create Allergy-Free Zone

Many pet owners find success by setting aside one area of the home as a specific allergy-free clean zone. This could be a single room, like a basement room or bedroom, full of high-quality air filters, allergy-resistant furniture covers, and other allergy fighting methods. Your pet’s access to this area will be strictly prohibited. This way, the allergy-sufferer in your home has an area to go to in order to find some relief.

Groom Pet

Don’t forget that regular pet grooming can go a long way towards reducing your symptoms. Daily brushing sessions will remove loose, dead fur and remove dead skin cells. Bathing will help, too, removing the dander you’re allergic to. Always choose a pet-specific shampoo, available at pet supply stores and veterinarian’s offices. Ask your vet to recommend a good product.

Clean the House

It might not be fun, but regular house cleaning can also reduce your allergy symptoms. Vacuuming frequently will help remove pet dander, dead skin cells, hair, and other allergy-causing substances. Be sure to get all carpets, furniture, pillows, curtains, blinds, pet beds, and anywhere else that may collect allergens.

Check for Other Allergens

Don’t forget to get tested for a wide range of allergies—your pet might not be the only thing you’re allergic to! If you’re suffering from an allergy caused by something else, treating it as though your pet is causing the symptoms isn’t doing any good.

These aren’t the only great ways to live comfortably with a pet you’re allergic to—ask your Temecula veterinarian about even more!

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