Caring for Your Cat’s Paws

In case you haven’t noticed, your cat’s paws are pretty important. They let her walk, jump, run, groom, climb, scratch, and much more! Keep your cat’s paws safe with these tips from a Temecula vet.

Weekly Paw Check

Once a week, sit down with your cat and give her paws a thorough once-over. Look for puncture wounds, scratches, or anything else that seems abnormal. Also check between your cat’s toes—small pebbles, stones, twigs, and other debris can easily get stuck between them. If you can easily remove these objects, do so gently. If you’re having trouble removing them, never force it. Call your vet instead to get a professional’s opinion.

Daily Wipe-Downs

Does your cat spend time outdoors? Every day, wipe down the paws when she comes inside. This will remove any dirt, chemicals, or debris that could hurt the paws or be ingested by your cat if she licks her paws. It’s also a good time to glance over your cat’s paws to check for wounds.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are great for your cat’s paw health. They shed down the outermost layer of the claw, keeping your cat’s nails slightly blunted. Plus, the post allows your cat to get out her natural desire for scratching, saving your furniture, shoes, and purse! Try sprinkling some catnip on your cat’s scratching post to entice her to use it.

Nail Trims

Although scratching posts blunt your cat’s nails a bit, regular nail trims are also necessary if your cat isn’t declawed. Long nails can easily get caught in carpets, furniture, or other obstacles. Purchase a cat-specific nail trimmer and clip just the tip of each nail. Consult your vet for a demonstration of the proper procedure.

Avoid Paw Hazards

Be preemptive about your cat’s paw care by avoiding potential hazards altogether. When it’s extremely hot out, avoid asphalt that can burn your pet’s paw pads. In chilly weather, avoid cold metal surfaces. Try to steer clear of stone or pebbly surfaces.

Your Temecula veterinarian can offer more helpful paw-care tips to keep your cat healthy. Call the office to find out the best ways to keep your cat walking tall!

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