Springtime Safety Hazards

As the flowers bloom and the grass sprouts this spring, make sure your companion animal stays safe. Springtime presents many potential pet hazards, as described below by your Temecula vet:

Pesticides and Fertilizers

You may pick this time of year to spray pesticides on your garden plants and fertilizers on your lawn. Make sure your pet stays indoors while you’re using chemicals, and don’t let them munch on a treated tuft of grass or garden plant! These chemicals are very likely poisonous to pets.


Windowsills may not seem very hazardous, but if a window is left open or the screen has rips, it could present a dangerous falling hazard. Pets that like to lounge by windows—especially cats—can sometimes slip out of open or improperly-screened windows, injuring themselves when they land. Cats are graceful, yes, but even they can have accidents! Check each window of your home to make sure they have sturdy screens.

Cleaning Products

Planning some spring cleaning this weekend? Keep your pet in another room if you’re using hazardous sprays or scrubs. Most home cleaning solutions contain at least one dangerous chemical. Store these products on the top shelf of closets where pets aren’t likely to reach.

Springtime Pests

With spring comes the arrival of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests that love to latch on to pets. Avoid the dangerous diseases they carry by keeping your pet on appropriate preventative medicines. Many pets benefit from year-round preventatives against the most prevalent pets in your area. Ask your vet how to get started.

Car Safety

Some dog owners like to let their dog stick their head out the window going down the road, but this is a recipe for disaster. Insects or road debris can easily fly up into your dog’s face, causing serious injuries. Keep your pet safely secured if he’s riding along in a car.

Spring doesn’t have to be a hazardous time of year for your pet—ask your Temecula vet for even more helpful seasonal tips.

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