Helping Two Cats Get Along

Do your two cats constantly fight and scrabble with one another? Perhaps you’re considering adding a new cat to your home and would like to avoid conflict with a current feline resident. Use these tips from a Temecula veterinarian to help two cats get along.

Separate Essential Items

If a cat’s food dish, water dish, or bedding is in the same area as another cat’s, he may feel that he has to compete for resources. Avoid these territorial inclinations by keeping your two cats’ materials separate. Put food and water dishes, as well as bedding and toys, in completely different areas of the house.

Break Up Fights

When you see your cats fighting, quickly break up the altercation. It may be helpful to keep a compressed-air can on hand to startle cats apart. Clap your hands, scold your cats gently, and lead them to their separate areas.

Reward Proper Behavior

When your cats are getting along, take time to reward them. Give each cat a treat and plenty of verbal praise. If you reward this behavior consistently and break up undesirable behavior, they should eventually get the hint that getting along is the thing to do.

Neuter Male Cats

Is one or both of your cats male? If they aren’t neutered, it’s a likely cause for aggressive behavior and fighting. The health benefits of neutering are widespread, and it will greatly reduce aggressive and territorial behavior. Make an appointment to have your cats neutered if they aren’t already.

Consult a Pro

Still having trouble getting your cats to be okay with one another? You may need the help of a professional. Ask your Temecula veterinarian for help, and see if they can put you in touch with a professional animal trainer or behaviorist. Working closely together, you can have your feline companions and your home returned to normal in short order!

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