Keeping Pets Safe on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, and you may be planning a romantic evening for two. Remember that a third party may be around this holiday—your pet! Below, your Temecula veterinarian advises you on keeping your pet safe on Valentine’s Day.

Keep Treats to Yourself

Chocolate treats and candies abound this time of year—make sure your pet doesn’t get her paws on any. Most pet owners know that chocolate of all varieties is very dangerous to pets, but were you aware that many candies and gums are hazardous as well? All can contain harmful toxins that cause serious health issues in cats and dogs, so restrict your pet’s access to all treats. Remember to keep your vet’s number on hand to call in the event of an emergency.

Watch Alcoholic Beverages

Planning on including alcoholic beverages in your romantic evening? Remember to keep a watchful eye on all alcohol. Pets may like to sip on unattended drinks or try to lap up liquid if it’s spilled. Unfortunately, alcohol is very dangerous to pets. It affects them the same way it affects us, only it takes very little to do serious damage. Beware of liquor, wine, beer, and champagne.

Monitor Candles

If you’re setting up candles to set a mood this Valentine’s Day, make sure your pet doesn’t have access to the area. Pets can all too easily swipe a paw or tail through an open flame. In addition to a burn hazard, a pet could knock over the candles, potentially starting a fire. Close off any areas with open candles burning.

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn

Remember that unclipped roses have sharp thorns. A pet that’s wandering along nearby may puncture a paw, and the thorns could puncture the intestines or cut the mouth and throat if a pet swallows them. If a pet decides to eat a few roses, it could upset the stomach. It’s safest to keep all roses out of your pet’s reach.

Talk to your Temecula veterinarian for more helpful Valentine’s Day advice. Don’t let this romantic holiday turn into a nightmare!

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