Chocolate Poisoning in Cats

Chocolate is a tasty treat for most of us, but it is quite the opposite for cats. Chocolate contains theobromine as well as caffeine, two compounds that aren’t healthy for felines. Read more about the symptoms and treatment for chocolate poisoning as your Temecula veterinarian discusses them below.


A cat that ingests too much chocolate may exhibit vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, breathing trouble, muscle spasms, rapid heart rate, and low blood pressure, among other symptoms. Severe or advances cases of chocolate poisoning might involve cardiac arrest or coma. If you see any of these symptoms or even suspect your cat has ingested chocolate, call your veterinary hospital immediately. There isn’t a specific antidote for chocolate toxicity, so you must get treatment as quickly as possible.

Types of Harmful Chocolate

Milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and baking chocolate are the dangerous types of chocolate and the most common. The type of chocolate can actually affect the severity of symptoms, as some are more harmful than others. Also keep in mind that some foods and certain treats contain chocolate, even if the main food isn’t chocolate itself. Ask your Temecula veterinarian about the harmful qualities of different chocolate types.


If you suspect chocolate ingestion or witness your cat eating chocolate, immediately transport him or her to the veterinarian’s office. Your vet might induce vomiting to rid your pet’s stomach of the harmful chemicals in chocolate. Fluid therapy might come next, as well as treatment for any severe symptoms your cat is displaying. Your vet will advise you on further treatment at home as well as dietary advice moving forward.

Of course, it’s much easier to prevent chocolate poisoning than it is to treat and correct it. Keep chocolate safely locked away in cabinets where your pet can’t reach it, or in safely sealed bags that your cat can’t open.


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