Car Travel with Your Kitten

It can be a lot of fun to take your new kitten on road trips in the car—plus, it will help get her acclimated to riding in the car from a young age, making future car travel easier. Follow these tips from your Temecula veterinarian to make the trip enjoyable and comfortable for your feline companion.

Stay Comfortable and Safe

Bring along your kitten’s carrier and place a soft towel in the bottom for comfort. If you’re driving alone, you can buckle the carrier in the passenger seat next to you, praising and comforting kitty for the ride. The backseat can work as well, but it’s best to have another person back there to keep an eye on your pet.

Make sure the carrier doesn’t rock around too much, and that it stays generally flat. Don’t let your kitten roam around in the car—that is a recipe for disaster. Consult your Temecula veterinarian about what sort of carrier will work best for your kitten.

Keep the Temperature Regulated

Try to keep the temperature inside the car mild—you don’t want it to be overly hot or cold. A blasting heater might make your kitty overheat, but a lot of air conditioning can freeze your kitten. If it’s relatively warm out, try cracking the window a bit and see how your pet responds.

Take Rest Stops

Take a few pit stops along your route to give your kitten a break. Give her food and water if she’s hungry or thirsty, and let her use the litterbox afterwards—kittens should do their business shortly after they eat.

Take extra care to not let kitty out of your sight during these stops. It can be a nightmare if your cat escapes out the van door at a gas station or at a rest stop next to a busy highway. Keep the car doors closed while you feed and water your pet, and always have someone stay in the car to watch her.

Ask your Temecula veterinarian about more safety and comfort tips for road travel in the car with your kitten.


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