Tips for Calming a Hyper Dog

Having an overly-excitable and hyper dog can be amusing—for about five minutes. It quickly becomes a problem with possible destructive consequences. Many hyper dogs’ behavior stems from a lack of stimulation and simple boredom. Here, a Temecula vet offers help on calming your hyper dog.

Redirect the Energy

It’s easiest to simply redirect your dog’s boundless energy. Take a walk, romp in the yard, play tug-of-war—whatever you need to do to let out your dog’s hyperactivity. With any luck, he’ll tire himself out after a while and settle down.

If your dog is cooped up at home alone while you’re at work, he might be extra excitable when you get home because he’s been bored all day. Try to provide entertainment in the form of toys or other pets to keep him occupied throughout the day. Ask your Temecula veterinary professional for more help with staving off your dog’s boredom while you’re gone.

Be Aware of Your Own Mood

Dogs tend to pick up on their owners’ moods. If you’re agitated, stressed, or overly excited yourself, your dog will probably mirror this mood. Staying calm and relaxed can go a long way towards helping your dog feel the same way.

Don’t Reward the Behavior

It’s important to never reward your dog’s hyper behavior. Do your best to ignore it when you’re not redirecting it with playtime. If you pay attention to him—or worse, give him treats in an attempt to calm him down—you’re only reinforcing his bad behavior. Your dog may very likely settle down quickly when you don’t respond. Consult your Temecula veterinarian for more advice on this.

Consult a Professional

If these techniques don’t work, you may want to seek the help of a professional animal behaviorist or animal trainer. Call your Temecula vet—he or she can put you in touch with one or make a recommendation for a professional in your area.


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